Flexible Personnel Leasing solutions from teamFORCE

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teamFORCE provides you with the possibility to lease commercial and technical office staff as well as employees in the field of IT & T.

What does personnel leasing mean?

The principle is simple: the employee is employed by us and receives a fixed salary. The work is done in your company.

When does personnel leasing make sense for my company?

Our flexible model can be used in a wide variety of situations. For example, if during major projects, qualified personnel is required on a short-term basis. Also, if no planned item is budgeted, but the orders have to be fulfilled on time. Likewise, the model is ideal in the bridging of maternity leave and longer-term sick leave. In addition, staff leasing can help minimize the risk of miscast. In this manner, the candidate is first employed on a “probationary period” with us. Your additional advantage in the personnel-leasing model: improving your Basel II and III financial rating.

What opportunities does teamFORCE offer?

  • Project-specific personnel deployment (> 1 month)
  • Temp to Perm / payrolling / outsourcing
  • Active IT sourcing / work performance

Our Try & Hire Model – first test, and then take the best!

As part of our personnel leasing, we offer a special model called “Try & Hire”. This gives you the opportunity to choose candidates based for the interim at teamFORCE. After appropriate training and proven suitability, the candidate can be transferred to your company. For this time, we charge only for the hours worked. There are no recruiting fees. You and the employee have the opportunity to get to know each other without obligation.

Only after several months of a “probation period” is a fixed-employment contract concluded. The risk of miscast is reduced to a minimum. The subsequent transfer to fixed-staff status is free of charge.

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