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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct, which is mandatory for our employees, executives and owners:

As a talent expert team specializesFORCEon the recruitment, staffing and development of specialists and executives in 5 key industries (references). As one of the world's first integrated HR service providers in the digital millennium, we have decades of national and international expertise.

In a dynamically changing economy, we combine the proven with new technologies and methodologies. We know what moves the market or the industry and know the service providers behind it.

1. Quality / care

(1) We execute all orders promptly throughout the entire process with the necessary care and diligence, be it in quoting, order acceptance, definition of the requirement profile and search paths, in the evaluation of candidate documents, in interviews, in drafting the candidate's report or the advice of the candidates and clients.

(2) We run all our projects according to our agile teamPATHand orient ourselves in the organization of our business processes to the ISO 9001 standardization and examine our quality standards regularly internally and externally on their observance.

2. Professionalism / Qualification

(1) We are passionate about promoting and developing our qualifications and professionalism in personnel consulting and development, and we use the latest technologies and trends.

(2) Our Consultants / CompetencePARTNER have specialized training and have many years of relevant professional and industry experience. 

(3) We foster innovation and continue to train ourselves nationally and internationally in order to always be "Up To Date" or "Know How Leader" around the subject of personnel.

3. Discretion / Confidentiality

(1) We are committed to 100% discretion over the internals of the client. 

(2) Business and trade secrets of the client may not be reused without authorization. 

(3) We take care to ensure that unauthorized persons are not given access to internal documents and confidential client consultations before, during and after the completion of the assignment. 

(4) We treat all documents of candidates confidentially. 

(5) We comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

(6) Passing on data from a candidate in the form of proposals to clients of the teamFORCE takes place only after prior agreement with the candidate. 

(7) Unauthorized forwarding of candidate documents to third parties is excluded. 

4. Integrity / truthfulness 

(1) We are committed to the truth. 

(2) We only use information that to the best of our knowledge and beliefs is true. 

(3) We pay attention to transparency and avoid misleading by using false information. 

5. Ethics / Respect 

(1) We respectfully deal with candidates, clients, business partners, and colleagues, and commit to respecting their professional and personal reputations. 

(2) We respect and promote legislation against unfair competition (UWG).

6. Equal opportunities / anti-discrimination 

(1) We observe and promote the legislation of the Equal Treatment Act (GlBG).

(2) We do not discriminate on grounds of race, ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual identity.

7. Loyalty / interest collision 

(1) We conduct our consultation impartially and objectively. 

(2) We avoid conflicts of interest or alert our clients to potential conflicts of interest before accepting the assignment.

(3) We exclude complacency reports.

(4) We do not accept any financial or material benefits that jeopardize our independence. 

(5) We do not advertise any employees of clients placed by us and also guarantee an anti-theft protection in an upright client relationship.

8. Reporting / Whistleblowing

(1) We report all violations of the Code of Conduct directly and promptly to the management or there is also an anonymous reporting option (PO Box in the EC).

(2) We, the management and the management immediately investigate all reported or identified violations and set the necessary measures and consequences.

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