teamFORCE – Your Talent Sourcing Expert

teamFORCE supports you in personnel consulting by talent sourcing in the search for top executives and specialists from all fields.

Employee selection is often like maneuvering in unknown waters. Exciting and challenging but sometimes difficult and with an uncertain outcome. We navigate through the depths of the search process and minimise the risk of miscast.

For approximately two decades, our consultants have worked with expertise, professionalism and passion to fill positions at all company levels. We are also delighted to cover your temporary crew bottlenecks with commercial and technical staff. Only the top candidates who have made it to the final selection will be introduced. During the search process, you can concentrate on your core business. This saves you time, money and nerves.

Your benefit

Optimised search paths and project times guarantee a fast and smooth process. You get only the best candidates for your business – without compromise.

Flexible personnel solutions (permanent or temporary placement) and one transparent and success-oriented fee structure offer a wide range of possibilities. This is how we find the right model for your company and budget.

Through our investment protection and replacement service, you are prepared for any situation. This ensures that your decision and investment are sustainably secure.

Our services

Whether Personnel Search and Selection, Interim Management, Temporary Staffing or Active IT Sourcing / Staffing, our services are as diverse as the companies with which we work. This spectrum provides a variety of options for successfully filling your vacancy.

Accelerate the success of your company now!

Talent sourcing from teamFORCE is guaranteed to bring you to your destination!

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