Teambuilding & Management

Teamwork, strategic corporate culture and employee-oriented leadership are never easy. teamFORCE offers customised training, seminars and coaching in these areas.

Teambuilding and cultural change

Growth and new challenges always mean willingness to change. Teambuilding & cultural change starts exactly where the shoe pinches. Through our trainings, we increase the “we feeling” and sustainably strengthen the corporate culture. At the same time, we promote the measures for an optimal flow of the business processes.

This is some of what you can expect in teambuilding & cultural change

  • Key elements of successful teamwork
  • Building effective teamwork structures
  • Result-oriented communication culture
  • Structured and constructive feedback

We integrate your staff into your processes. We clarify your mission statement and set it accordingly. Our certified trainers and coaches work with your team to continue increasing its potential.

Management & Junior Executives

Leading means achieving the company goals together with the employees.

This requires genuine personalities, role models, behaviours and experiences. Almost all managers and future leaders know and use only about a third of their potential.

Our seminars in the field of Management & Junior Executives are precisely in this area.

This is what you can expect in the Management & Junior Executive Training:

  • Strategic planning and management
  • Development of authentic behaviour
  • Form ideas and assert them
  • Employee appraisal interview and goal setting

We also assist in the development of situational leadership styles, such as showing how to increase performance through motivation. In addition, we give input in the areas of employee selection and job interviews or how to conduct meetings in a result-oriented manner.

These exemplary development goals can also be implemented on their own. Of course, the training plan for the further development of your employees can be arranged both individually and together.

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