Separation Management & Outplacement


teamFORCE supports you in terminating employment relationships with separation management and outplacement.

Why get support for separation management and outplacement?

If employment is terminated without adequate preparation, it can often take months to reach an agreement. It can take even longer until calmness and orientation are restored within the remaining crew.

That means lost time and also usually lost money and nerves. In addition, the risk of potential image damage – internally or externally – should not be underestimated.

Separation Management

When an employee leaves, a positive separation culture is especially important. The aim is to treat affected employees with respect and appreciation and to make the separation process humane and fair. This requires consistent communication both internally and externally – and, above all, a lot of tact. So that no step is forgotten and no stumbling blocks can arise, we will gladly share the separation process with you.


When employees are unexpectedly faced with a career change, it usually raises many questions. We offer you and your employees support through our outplacement services, whether employee-specific coaching, assessments, or job-application support. We approach each employee individually. We work together on the separation situation, determine the individual’s position, and discuss self-marketing and reorientation. In the end, your employee will again see “land in sight” and be prepared for new professional challenges.

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