Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing

Bild KompassThe principle is simple: the staff member is employed by us and gets a fixed salary while providing labor for your company. We provide commercial and technical office staff as well as employees for the IT&T area.

Take advantage of our expertise

  • for large projects requiring skilled staff on short notice
  • if no planned post is budgeted, but you must fulfill orders on time
  • for the bridging of parental leave and long-term sick leave
  • if you would like to minimize the risk of miscast by first hiring your desired candidates on a “probationary period” with us



  • Project-specific personnel deployment (> 1 month)
  • Temp to Perm/payrolling/outsourcing
  • Active IT sourcing/work performanc


Our Try & Hire model

We offer you the possibility that the selected candidate will initially be hired by teamFORCE and, after appropriate training and the establishment of suitability, taken by your company. For this time, we charge only the hours worked, i.e. there are no recruitment fees. You and the employee will have the chance to get to know each other and, without obligation, to complete a fixed employment only after several months of “probation”. The risk of miscasting is reduced to a minimum. The acquisition in your workforce is free of charge.