Recruitment and Selection

“I’m looking for an employee with matching salary expectations, yesterday if possible, and do not want to worry about how I find that employee.”

We take this on for you! No ifs, ands or buts.

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Success in recruiting means more than just random luck in finding good employees for customers.

A structured approach and sensitivity to the details of the requirements are as important as a suitable offer.





That’s why we offer a wide variety of search methods. To know which method suits your requirements, our tasks are:

  • Addressing targeted candidates
  • Database & internet search
  • Research & screening
  • Search & selection
  • Direct contact of executives & professionals


In the areas of ​​search & selection and direct contact, we focus our activities on a particular target region, or we do the search for you across countries. As part of these services, a replacement service is as natural as an integration coaching for your new employee.

Simple – Successful – Flexible

With us, you will find a structured, clear approach plus a budget-safe and success-oriented pricing model. As your ideal partner, we can additionally offer you flexible employment relationships.