Seperation Management & Outplacement

Man Overboard! 

The resolution of an employment relationship is a new and often difficult situation, not only for the terminated employee but also for the remaining crew.

If employment is terminated without adequate preparation and on a purely situational basis, it can often take months to reach an agreement… and sometimes much longer until calmness and orientation are restored within the remaining crew. This means lost time and productivity as well as usually a price in nerves and money. In addition, the risk of potential image damage – internally or externally – should not be underestimated.

Positive separation…

…culture means, above all, constant communication. This is both on an internal basis and externally to customers, business partners and suppliers of essential importance in order to maintain a good reputation. The key challenge when rationalizing or replacing existing employees is to make the separation process consistent yet simultaneously humanely fair and transparent. After all, the personnel involved should be treated with respect and appreciation and be able to see “land in sight” in relation to the labor market.


Within the context of our outplacement services, we offer you and your employees support regarding processing the separation situation, the individual’s position and self-marketing by employee-specific coaching, assessments, application support and much more.