Assessment & Potential Analysis

Assessment & Potential Analysis


Was motiviert mich?In modern business, successful entry and promotion is increasingly associated with the completion of individual assessments or assessment centers. This method of detecting behavioral patterns is used for one or simultaneously for multiple participants in relation to previously-defined requirements.

We combine group-dynamic exercises, discussions and practical behavior with work tasks involving individual interviews, presentations and exercises for stress behavior as well as other modules to check the candidates’ “suitability” to fill internal or external positions.

Potential Analysis

Bitte recht freundlich lächeln - Tipps für ein gelungenes BewerbungsfotoOnly those staff members who are employed according to their potential bring maximum success for your business along with friendliness and engagement to the cause. Wrongly occupied positions, however, can inhibit work processes and expose the company to financial loss.

As an instrument to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, motivations, aptitudes, abilities, etc. of existing or future employees, we offer, within the context of potential analysis, an individually-tailored modular system of various instruments providing valid results, such as structured interviews, potential and personality assessments, etc…